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What Is DevOps And Cloud Computing, And How Can It Help My Team?

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a relatively new approach to software development. It is a culmination of tools and functions such that it increases a business’s ability to deploy applications at a more incredible speed than using traditional development methods.

Traditionally, software development teams operate entirely independently from the IT operations team, which is responsible for infrastructure management. This often results in unnecessary delays in development as goals for both teams are not aligned. DevOps removes the distinctions between the development and the operations teams, creating a single “DevOps” team that is responsible for the entire application lifecycle from development to deployment.

What is Cloud Computing?

As opposed to a traditional setup where servers and machines are hosted locally for application development, cloud computing delivers computing services over the internet. The services available can range from complete virtual machines to just storage or processing. There is no hassle of needing to purchase and maintain expensive equipment yourself when using cloud computing.

These services are often offered as a pay-as-you-go plan or a subscription model and have no upfront costs for acquiring hardware.

When using a cloud service, you are not availing a specific machine over the internet but a specific portion of the cloud, which is an extensive network of distributed machines.

Is it Useful for My Team?

If you are a business that is looking for a quick development process that is able to deliver value to customers quickly and iteratively, a combination of DevOps and cloud computing is the way forward. DevOps is already aligned with removing delays typically caused by maintaining and acquiring hardware, this problem is aptly dealt with by cloud computing. DevOps teams can quickly build products and deploy them using cloud services without having to worry about logistical issues in the development lifecycle.

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