The 4 Stupid Mistakes That Will Cost You a Job as Tech Manager

(What you SHOULD STOP DOING if you want to keep your Tech Manager Job in 2023)

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This is for anyone who makes a living, leading teams of geeks. So engineering managers, IT managers, tech leads, technical project, technical product managers, product owners, data analytics managers, high-level ICs (individual contributors), and the like. This is for you if you lead teams and geeks through long-term, complex projects.

This is for you if you don't want to be the first candidate for layouts in 2023. Instead you want to position yourself for promotions and raises — because you deserve them, but ASKING can feel weird or hard

The secret to feel-good self-promotion at work — so you get recognized for your successes, and set yourself up for excellent performance reviews

And... most importantly, we’ll go over how to lead from a place of 100% integrity. I want you to feel GOOD about earning the hefty paychecks that reflect your real contributions.

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