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How Cloud Computing Can Help Improve Agile Development Performance

Easily Setup Multiple Environments

Teams working with local servers are often bound to a single server for an environment such as staging, development, and testing. However, with cloud computing, this is no longer a worry. Multiple environments can be set up as per need, with the additional option of replicating an existing environment. This can be done practically over unlimited servers, without any waiting queues.

No Delays

Local servers often add delay due to the need to provision instances, installing boilerplate software, and setting up software redundantly. This also often requires a separate IT Operations team to go through the whole process. Cloud computing takes over the IT ops team’s role and does it without any delays or lags.

Cloud computing allows developers to focus on writing code rather than waiting on hardware set up or other teams. This results in a more on-the-go development strategy that produces results faster than traditional methods.

Continuous Integration and Delivery
Agile development teams are consistently deploying new code and fixing older code. This requires quick builds and testing, as teams quickly iterative over product versions. Cloud instances and virtualization allow a large number of VMs available for this purpose that help increase the speed of CI/CD pipelines.
Easy Integration

Agile teams often required third-party integrations with either a technical service or management software. These services are often either pre-integrated in cloud platforms or offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) add-on. This makes these integrations almost effortless and helps increase project visibility.

This idea can also be extended to testing and developing across different platforms or OS. Multiple servers with different types of operating systems can be set up instantaneously for development. Traditionally, this would require procurement and manual installation and then move on to actual development or testing.

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