Tech Managers: VP of Engineering, Tech Lead, IT Director, and others.

Become a High Paid Tech manager in 90 Days or Less, using $200M Software Delivery Action Plan

(2023 Updated Recession-Proof Version will be release 01/01/2023)

Learn How Companies like Zoom, Google and Microsoft (and more!) speed up software delivery 2X, 5X OR 10X For $200M+ Of IT Budgets And Do Twice the Work in Half the Time …Without losing time-to-market to competition or increasing headcount.

Imagine running

Your IT Software Delivery 2X, 5X or X10 More Efficient without:

Hiring More Employees

(Read: It's getting harder and harder to hire new qualified employees each year, especially for engineering roles)

Running out of time

(Read: Tech complexity is increasing year after year, causing projects delays & people burnouts)

Running out of budget

(Read: Proving R&D impact to leadership is now more crucial than ever to preserve budgets and your job)

The Strategy

Than Runs Your Software Delivery
Like Clockwork

Even one simple “quick win” from this strategy can save you from FAILURE in 2023

The New Way to Thrive in 2023:

Imagine delivering 100+ releases a day with
0 failure or unintended downtime

Level 1: 1 release a week

High-level software delivery performance.

Level 2: 1 release a day

Master-level software delivery performance.

Level 3: 100+ releases a day

Elite-level software delivery performance. Top1% of companies reach this level

It’s used by Industry Leaders who *happily* pay upwards of:

$50,000 – $100,000 / year

for direct access and implementation of this Strategy.


  • They release new features each week/day/several time a day, instead of each month or quarter
  • They get customer feedback weekly and iterate fast based on their feedback
  • They win new customers even if you don’t have needed features yet (but you know that you can deliver them FAST)

How would your tech business grow with all of that?

Choose You Package


Level 1
$ 47
  • The $200M Strategy
  • The 2X Action Plan
  • The 2X Planning Workbook
  • Email Support


Level 2
$ 497
  • Everything in Business, plus:
  • The 5X Action Plan
  • Decision Making Framework
  • IT Technologies Checklist
  • Lifetime Updates


Level 3
$ 997
  • Everything in Executive, plus:
  • The 10X Action Plan
  • The 10X Workbook
  • 5 Minute Decision Making Tool
  • Team Decision Making Tool
  • All IT Technologies checklists
  • Phone VIP Support
  • VIP tickets for C-level events

PRESELL BONUS FOR Executive & VIP preorder:

IT Leader Checklist

– Keep these proven checklists on your desk to quickly lookup programming languages, frameworks, and technologies relevant to IT projects you are working on!

– Quickly structure your thoughts and look up the right keywords before your next meeting with management, developer or your colleague!

– Confidently participate in discovery meetings for new projects and technologies!

Value: $497

Now for FREE

(for a limited time only)


3 Big Problems

When Running your Your Software Development

Problem #1

How to find an effective software delivery strategy ...without reinventing the wheel.

Problem 2

How to quickly map out and write concrete action plan for my strategy ...that is simple to implement by tech and non-tech people

Problem 3

How to create a PROFESSIONAL-LOOKING roadmap without spending a ton of time convincing your stakeholders (tip: create roadmap WITH them)

Don't worry. We've got you covered:

The Action Plan Toolkit


The Action Plan

$200m+ Action Plan used by global top1% brands worldwide. Understand HOW these companies stay ahead of the competition.

The Strategy

The $200m strategy behind the Action Plan. Understand in depth WHY global brands executing each step in Action PLAN

The Workbook

The $200m workbook that will help you successfully implement the Action Plan and The Strategy. Understand exactly WHAT you need to focus on NOW, next week, next 100 days and beyond. 

4 Steps


Step 1


Easily Audit your existing practice to find the most valuable and impactful improvement ideas NOW

Step 2


Create a “Quick Win” action plan to implement some immediate action this week. These quick wins will provide immediate value to you, your team and your stakeholders

Step 3


After you delivered initial wins, it’s time to keep your momentum with a step-by-step 100 days plan.

Step 4


Now you have your own Action Plan ready to be executed.

Congratulations! 🎉 👏🏼 You’ve done this.

The $200m+ Strategy


Simplify Your Software Delivery

You will learn how to do more with less – to do things more efficiently – by actually eliminating things.

Boost Your Credibility as an Expert

An Action PLlan is a perfect format for navigating people through your working process. Your stakeholders can achieve excellent results with you guiding them. And that boosts your credibility.

Develop a Craving for Working With You on New Projects

Because people are getting great results with Action Plans, they want to continue. Because they want even better results. Play bigger. And that develops the craving to work with you on the next project.

From 0 to 100+


... Without An Army of People, Burnouts or Stress


Instead of reinventing the wheel, We’ve been using templates, step-by-step action plans, checklists, fill-in-the-blank playbooks, and formulas. The artefacts that bring results for our clients FAST, and you can use it too.



What other Leaders are Saying

Than Runs Your Software Engineering Like Clockwork

"When we started working with API360, we were pleasantly surprised by the support provided by the tech team, which helped us quickly improve our skills on the product delivery. 360 Team helped us in many ways, to acknowledge where our weaknesses were, and to optimize our product, which led to new signatures with big clients"
Olivia Simon
“We will grow revenues by 5X with just this one insight from Action Plan”
Daniel Vodov
Managing Director, FastLaneDay
“After first month, we made more than 20 X on our investment in this program”
Sarah Verati
Director, Worksession

Learn How 1 Engineering Action Plan brings our software delivery to 100+ releases a day

The $200m Software Delivery Action PLan that works in 2023 and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Action Plan for?

This Action Plan is used in IT industry by anybody who want to speed up software delivery in 2X, 5X or 10X. You can use this strategy in any company 

Is the content available now?

No. The content will be released on 01/01/2023. However, as an early bird customer, you will get a bonus for free – 2023 IT technologies checklist that you can keep on your desk.

Is this Action Plan effective in 2023?

Yes! This Action Plan is particularly effective in 2023 realities, as it helps to work a lot more efficient and do much more with much less.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes, there’s a 14-day no-questions money-back guarantee.

If you have any questions or need further information, please email us at support@api360.com
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